Wild pig provides opportunity

POSTED ON 2011-07-14
  by David Bell

A wild pig destroyed most of an Akolet believer’s garden, but it was an opportunity for other believers to start practicing what they’ve been learning from the book of Acts.

At first Roi was ashamed to talk about what had happened to his garden, but when the story was told the believers talked about what they should do. The Bible lessons they had been hearing addressed the subject of believers caring for one another and everyone agreed that they needed to help Roi.

“Many ladies went the very next day and harvested loads of garden food of their own to provide an immediate need for Roi and his wife and children,” wrote missionaries Adam and Julie Martin.

“Then we talked about plans to help him and his family use someone else’s old garden area, not currently in use, so that they can harvest food for the long term. We’re thankful for the way God brought this need before the body so that they can practice caring for each other.”

The care that the believers have shown may bring forth fruit in the heart of Roi’s wife as well. Wakisyo is an unbeliever who hasn’t attended any of the teaching except for an occasional lesson for several months, but she has come to the last two meetings. Please pray that she will want to hear evangelistic Bible teaching in its entirety and truly understand the message of salvation. 

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