Atbals receptive to missionaries

POSTED ON 2011-07-15
  by Dena McMaster

God has opened a door to give the Atbal people of Papua New Guinea the opportunity to hear the Gospel message.

Recently missionaries Tony Sutton and Benjamin Hatton visited several Atbal villages.

“[Our visit] was successful as Ben and I feel we accomplished all we set out to do,” wrote Tony. “It looks like a very promising place as the people were very receptive at all the villages we were in. We were given a verbal invitation in every village to come and start a work."

Benjamin and Tony found that the Atbal people live in small huts built on stilts. They use firepits built into the middle of the house for cooking and for warmth. They have large gardens and produce quite a variety of food as well as gathering fruit and nuts.

The people have very few possessions and spend their days tending their gardens. Nearly all of the people are illiterate and most of the people speak only the Atbal language.

The Atbal people have heard some teaching concerning God but when Tony asked how they could "become straight with God," most replied that you have to keep the Ten Commandments perfectly. Then Tony asked, “Do you think anyone has ever been able to do that?”

They replied, “No one can do that.”

“Pray that a team of missionaries would be challenged to begin church planting among the Atbal people,” Tony wrote. 

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