The case of the missing knife

POSTED ON 2011-07-18
  by Dena McMaster

Young Siawi believers are offering guidance and help to a group of teenagers who were seeking a solution to a serious problem.

Recently 12 young men worked for missionary Linda Krieg by clearing the approaches to the air strip. Linda provided four grass-cutting knives for the job and only three came back.

No one seemed to know what happened to the missing knife. So after waiting some time to find out what happened, Linda told the young men that no one in the group would be eligible for employment until the knife was found.

For a time there was no mention of the problem. Then one morning the young men came to Linda’s house accompanied by three men in their early 20s. The older three were believers with a solid walk with the Lord who came alongside the young men to help them find a solution.

They explained that they had met the previous evening to try to find out who had taken the knife but no one was willing to admit taking it.

“I asked them if they had had further discussion, after making that discovery, as to how to settle this problem,” Linda wrote.

“Yes, we decided we don't have any money to pay for the grass knife, but would like to work, to repay you for your loss,” they answered. “What a blessing, to hear this wise decision coming from these young fellows' lips.”

Linda was delighted that the teens desired to make things right with her and also that the three others were willing to offer advice and guidance to their younger friends.

Pray for the Siawi believers to continue to grow in their walk with the Lord.

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