Uriays learning about church

POSTED ON 2011-07-21
  by Dena McMaster

The Uriay believers in Papua New Guinea celebrated several events recently including their first communion service.  Missionary Elias Struik finished teaching the book of Acts and it was decided to celebrate by having communion.

“Imi fried some sago and Markus brought a coconut for the bread and wine,” wrote missionary Lisa Kappeler. “It was a simple lesson – reading through Christ’s last supper with his disciples – reminding us why we celebrate. Elias opened it up for testimonies and I wasn’t surprised at all to hear Imi pipe up.  She shared that she was really very happy about picturing Jesus’ body with the sago and coconut water. … Because of His love and mercy, we were going to be in heaven with Him for eternity.”

Later that evening at the ladies meeting Imi told the group that she’d been thinking all day about how thankful she was for Christ’s sacrifice and for being able to remember it through communion.

Pray that the believers will continue to grow in Him and desire to remember His sacrifice for them.

The next major event will be the first believers’ baptism among this group. The believers desiring baptism are talking with Elias and his wife, Jose, or Lisa. Elias taught on baptism throughout the book of Acts and slowly but surely the Uriays are beginning to understand that baptism was to declare to the world that they have trusted in Jesus alone for their sins.

Pray that many believers will understand the basis for believers’ baptism and choose to step out boldly and declare their trust in Jesus.

This week the missionaries intend to begin teaching through the book of Acts again. Some of the believers will begin learning to teach the Bible by co-teaching with Elias. Some who are not yet able to read and write well will just ask review questions. Others will assume more responsibility as they practice their teaching skills.

Pray that as these men begin to teach and ask the review questions of their peers, they will improve their reading and teaching skills so that when Elias is on home assignment next year they will be able to teach the lessons on their own.

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