Back where they started

POSTED ON 2011-07-21
  by Dena McMaster

When Geoff and Shannon Husa, who minister among the Mibu people of Papua New Guinea, had the opportunity to talk with some students in the Interface program, they were reminded of their first visit. 

“We had a great semi-last minute opportunity arise giving Geoff the chance to teach about Bible translation at the Interface program currently going on. Then both of us had some time to talk to the students about what life in the bush is like,” wrote Shannon.

In 2000 Geoff and Shannon attended Interface.

“As a result of this six-week program, where we lived in huts, spent time learning some of the trade language, attending many classes about tribal missionary service, and hanging out with the local folks, we realized that Papua New Guinea was definitely the place to come serve,” Geoff wrote.

Prior to attending Interface Geoff was interested in missions while Shannon was somewhat hesitant. Neither knew much about tribal church planting but Interface gave them a realistic idea of what tribal ministry entails.

“After we did Interface, both of us were on the same page regarding where to step next,” wrote Geoff. “God really used Interface to give us strong direction in our desire to serve.”

Pray that some of the students who heard the experiences of Geoff and Shannon will themselves “take the next step” and become tribal church planters.

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