They keep coming back!

POSTED ON 2011-07-26
  by David Bell

On about six different occasions so far this year, members of a small, distant Tomoip community have hiked several hours to a Kol village to hear Bible teaching.

One group makes the hike in eight to ten hours, normally breaking it into two stages and spending a night in another Kol village along the way. A second group comes even farther, spreading their journey over three days.

They usually come in small groups of five or six and spend several days in the Kol village, but on their latest journey there were about 30 people, including children, and they stayed for two weeks.

The Tomoip people are illiterate but bilingual, being able to speak the Kol language, and they will sit for hours listening to what the Kol believers have to say.

The believers read from the portions of Scripture that have been translated into their language and from Bible lessons that the missionary team has prepared for them. Sometimes they simply teach from memory.

The Tomoips record the reading of Scripture, the Bible teaching and their dialogues with the believers to take back to their community and pass around for others to hear.

The Tomoips’ visits have given the Kols opportunities for personal evangelism and the development of their spiritual gifts.

On a number of occasions the Tomoip people have asked Garry and Faith McCay to move to their area and begin Bible teaching and literacy programs.

“There is … definitely an open door before us here and we are considering in what way we can best respond to assist them,” the McCays wrote.

 Please pray that the Kols will give a clear presentation of the Gospel and that the Tomoips will gain understanding of the salvation Christ has provided. 

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