Meet Limbar and Suwina

POSTED ON 2011-10-28
  by Dena McMaster

Limbar and his wife Suwina have been serving the Lord for seven years among the Sekadau people. Their co-laborer, Naomi Christenson, wants to introduce them so that you can pray for them more effectively.

The couple is from the Gerai tribe, about five hours away from the Sekadau village where they now serve.  They have taken on the challenge of learning the culture and language of another tribal group.

Limbar grew up in an unbelieving family. His father and grandfather practiced witchcraft and he dabbled in it himself. He was a rebellious teenager, running with the wrong crowds, stealing toys from the missionary kids and generally being a pest. One of the missionary families ministering to the Gerais, Paul and Bella Gervasi, lived next door to his family. Limbar was able to hear Paul’s teaching and little by little became intrigued and eventually attended the meetings next door. God’s Word impacted his heart and he placed his trust in Christ’s atoning work.

As his life changed and he heard more teaching from God’s Word he felt called to serve the Lord with his life.

Suwina was fortunate to grow up in a family that honored God. Her father, who had formerly practiced witchcraft, was the first Gerai person to place his faith in Christ. Suwina grew up hearing teaching from God’s Word and became a believer at a young age.

Limbar and Suwina met and both felt the desire to be involved in telling others of Christ. When Paul and Bella felt God leading them to leave the Gerai work and move to the Sekadaus, Limbar and Suwina decided to join them. Limbar and the Gervasis are neighbors once again.

Pray for the team ministering among the Sekadau. Pray especially for Limbar and Suwina and their three children as they sacrificially serve the Sekadaus.

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