A good report from Dao leaders

POSTED ON 2011-10-05
  by Dena McMaster

Daapoi and several Dao believers hiked two days to a remote village to check on the believers there.

When they arrived Daapoi began teaching from the book of Acts about baptism. His plan was to have the first baptismal service in that village.

On their return trip they prepared their report for missionaries Scott and Jennie Phillips as well as the other Dao believers.

When they arrived, marching single file into the village, Scott and the believers there were just finishing up their study on the book of Romans. The whole group sat down and waited for the adventurers to tell what had happened.

Oseyaa, his face beaming with joy, was the first to share.

 “15 new believers were baptized,” he said, “We questioned every single one of them to make sure that they understood well the meaning of baptism and the work of Yesusi and had placed their faith in His death on the crossed wood on their behalf.”

The whole group excitedly went through the names of those who were baptized. Then someone mentioned that Kegapooi got baptized. “He’s got to be the oldest man there, isn’t he?” asked Scott.

“Yeah, Kegapooi too! Can you believe it?” asked Uwomuku. “We had to get on either side of him and help him to be able to stand in the river so that he wouldn’t fall because the current is strong and he is pretty weak these days. He wanted to be baptized too though, so we did as he asked and held both of his arms to steady him as he also was baptized as a symbol to the whole village and all the visitors watching that he had placed his trust in Jesus’s finished work on his behalf.”

Then old Paatoma stood with a smile on his face and told the believers,  “Kagaapooi like the setting sun. He only has a little time left and he will be gone. How beautiful it is that in the last part of his life he would place his trust in Jesus and have a desire to demonstrate to the whole tribe his decision This is a great example to all of us Dao people both young and old alike.”

Everyone sat around nodding in agreement. The whole group rejoiced together, especially over Kagapooi’s baptism.

Pray for Scott and Jennie as they continue to nurture and shepherd the Dao believers. Pray for the believers as they reach out to other Dao villages with the Good News of Jesus Christ. Pray for those believers who were baptized recently to grow in their walk with the Lord.

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