No Ordinary Dao Marriage

POSTED ON 2011-09-14
  by Dena McMaster

The Dao people do not mark time as we here in the USA do. Most of them do not know how old they are or what time of day it is. Most do not have watches or other paraphernalia that we use to mark time.

Another difference that missionaries Scott and Jennie Phillips have noted is that their young girls are given in marriage at a very early age – though exactly what age that is no one can say.

Recently a young girl named Paipedeo was given to a man named Pisangkaba. There was something different about this ceremony. For the first time the men of the village stood and shouted spiritual challenges to the new husband.

“Paipadeo is no ordinary Dao girl,” Paatoma shouted. “And you must be careful how you treat her and what you say to her,” Paatoma spoke out in a strong voice as he looked Pisangkaba straight in the eyes. “She is one that has become a child of the Creator. She has learned how to read and write and she reads God’s book every day because she knows it is the food for her soul.”

Then her father Apiyaawogi spoke to the young groom. “Other young believing women from the village have been given away in recent times also and when they were taken to other villages, their new husbands after seeing them reading God’s book daily became angry because they haven’t yet had teaching in their village and don’t yet understand what exactly those books are. We heard that they took the books and threw them in the fire as they yelled, ‘What are you doing spending all your time staring at that book? Make me a new string bag! Cook me a sweet potato!’”

Another believer told Pisangkaba that he should listen to his wife as she read the Scriptures and sing with her when she worshipped the Lord.

After the charges by the believing men were finished, many believers gathered around the couple and prayed for them, committing their marriage to the Creator.

Paipadeo will very likely be the only believing woman in her village. Pray that she will continue to faithfully read God’s Word and that she will be an example of living faith to her husband and to the others in the village.

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