Greater than your mother’s love

POSTED ON 2011-08-24
  by Dena McMaster

As Dao believers listened to Bible teaching from Ephesians 6 on the function of a godly family, they compared Jesus' love to the love and care received from their mothers.

In Dao culture a father or paternal uncle can be called “mother” if there is a strong bond in that relationship. So “mother” seems to signify “one who cares.”

In Ephesians 6 the Scriptures refer to the relationship between parents and children and the Daos added to the lesson as the teachers shared the lesson.

Daapoi’s story about his mother is particularly poignant, “Oh mother, you took care of me from the time I was a little baby. When I was cold you always held me close and built a fire to keep me warm. When it was raining you always pulled me under your leaf rain cape to keep me dry. When I was hungry you always cooked sweet potatoes for me on the fire and fed me. Even when I acted against you and did things that you told me not to do, you always still loved me and cared for me and sheltered me.”

“But isn't that exactly like what Jesus does for us?" Daapoi continued as the whole room listened in rapt silence. He went on to explain that Jesus not only feeds and cares for us, He shed His blood that we might be saved.

“Jesus is the greatest Mother of all," Daapoi said, “In fact, even though my earthly mother is dead and gone I say to you I am still not motherless, because I have Jesus."

Praise God with us that He is teaching the Dao believers, as well as the missionaries, deep things about their relationship to Him. Pray also for the missionaries as they continue Bible teaching and translation of the Scriptures into the Dao language.

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