Wana believers celebrate finished translation

POSTED ON 2008-10-07
  by Dena McMaster

More than 400 tribal believers, government officials and missionaries gathered in a local village to celebrate the finished translation of the Wana New Testament.

The Wana believers were thrilled to receive a copy of the New Testament in their language. Copies were also given to government representatives and other officials.

For several days after the ceremony, Bible teachers taught evangelistic Bible lessons from the book of Genesis. These villagers were hearing God's Word for the first time. After hearing just a few lessons, dozens of Wana people wanted New Testaments in their language.

Many Wana church elders and believers from villages scattered high in the mountains hiked several days down the mountain to attend the ceremony. Several families in the village who had heard the beginning of the evangelistic teaching asked to hear more lessons. The Wana elders agreed to stay and teach.

Pray for those Wanas who are hearing God's Word for the first time. Praise God with us for the completion of the Wana New Testament.

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