Have toothbrushes, will travel!

POSTED ON 2008-11-14
  by Ian Fallis


Have toothbrushes, will travel …
November 12, 2008 by ianfallis

In an era when a jet can whisk you to the other side of the world, it's hard to imagine there are still places that take more than two days to get to.

And just as "whisk" is an understatement for a flight that takes 12 to 16 hours, "remote" is an understatement for the place our team is going for this next short film.

One of the guys on our advance team is sure that on his way out there by helicopter, he saw a sign saying, "End of the Earth" -- and went right past it.

The Moi people live a harsh, rugged life among sharp ridges and deep valleys. The coming of the Gospel hasn't changed their circumstances -- but it has changed their lives dramatically.

That's the story we're going to get on video. Then we'll come back and make a short film and supporting pieces, and use them to help Christians get involved in planting churches among people who have not yet had the opportunity to meet Jesus.

We've got a rough script, five talented people (and me), a lot of filming gear and toothbrushes (yeah, I know, more than one is a waste, but they insisted), and we head out Sunday.

Appreciate your prayers!

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