Adjusting to village life

POSTED ON 2008-12-01
  by Jackie Fallis

Missionaries Ping and Heidi Leong,are learning what it means to live in a tribe instead of the city.

Recently the Leongs graduated from their culture and language study. Now they've left the city, and are acquainting themselves with village life while they seek God's guidance as to what tribe to serve among.

Ping wrote, "The local term for power cut is mati lampu which literally means 'the dying of the lamp or the light.'" In the city the Leongs had steady power, but their supply is intermittent out in the tribe.

"Through electricity we can only get earthly and temporary power and light but how good to know that in our spiritual life we have a wonderful and eternal light that never goes out," wrote Ping.

Please pray for the Leongs as they transition into their new ministry.

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