Trusting in ceremonies and sacrifices

POSTED ON 2008-12-15
  by Jackie Fallis

Last week was an important holiday to many loca people, missionaries John and Anna Weeks learned.

Thousands of cattle, sheep and goats are sacrificed for the holiday. "As I was out on my regular early morning bicycle ride yesterday," John wrote, "you could see cages of goats and sheep being transported to local places of worship."

"Typically … when they have a ceremony, they simply put up awnings that spread across the street and lay out tikars (sitting mats) all the way across the street. I came upon several of these ceremonies and had to redirect my bicycle route to make it home!"

"Each of our past five years here, it's the same yearly scene, people making continual sacrifices for their sins… ." Please pray for the Weeks as they seek opportunities to minister to those who trust in religious ceremonies and animal sacrifices, that the joy and freedom of this season will come across through their interactions.

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