New language-learning methods and techniques

POSTED ON 2009-02-16
  by Christina Johnson

The Pyatt family traveled with a group of students who were looking to apply their training in a real tribal situation with the Saluans.

Missionary Simon Pyatt spent three weeks teaching missionaries new language learning methods and also helped missionary students with learning techniques for studying unwritten languages and how to use computers in the process.

"This practicum gives them the chance to put that knowledge into practice," Ann Pyatt wrote.

The Saluans still need a Bible translated into their language. Yeddy and Ica, two local believers, have become missionaries to the Saluan people. Ping and Heidi Leong are talking about joining them in the translation work.

"Pray that they will and that it won't be too long before these people have the whole Bible in their own language," Ann wrote.

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