Kendaya reading God's Word

POSTED ON 2009-02-24
  by Brian Johnson

Kendaya quit.

Kendaya, a Moi man never finished his first literacy course. And he never stopped regretting it. For the next couple of years he thought about it when he couldn't read God's Word, or anything else.

That's one of the reasons that the graduation of the new Moi literacy class was so special. Kendaya came back to school and passed with flying colors. He and 12 others can now read and write in their own language.

Kendaya is now reading God's Word.

This week missionary Carolyn Crockett will begin an advanced literacy course that will help the students reach greater proficiency in reading. She will also teach them to speak and read the national language. This will help the Mois as they interact with outsiders.

Pray that the students will continue to advance in literacy. Pray also that their new skill will lead to a deeper relationship with God as they can now study the Scriptures for themselves.

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