A difficult meeting

POSTED ON 2009-02-25
  by Dena McMaster

An Elseng man and a missionary team exchanged sad and disappointing news as they met last week.

When Weli visited missionaries Scott Flaugher and Jareb McClain last week he told them that his 9-year-old son, Ricky, had just died from malaria. The missionaries had taken Ricky out for medical help when they were last in Weli's village. Seven Elsengs have died in the last year, seriously diminishing the tribal group of 500.

Jareb and Scott and their families have made several trips into Elseng territory over the last two years and are beginning to build relationships in many villages. Weli has been a particular friend to them.

"Weli has been supportive of us in our travels and in our purpose to teach them from God's Word in their own language and translate the Scriptures," wrote Scott. "He has been like an Elseng father figure to us, always calling us kids and taking responsibility for us, sometimes to extremes even. We anticipated that this would be a difficult meeting as we are now leaning heavily towards moving into a location that is more centrally located than the area where Weli lives."

The missionaries plan to settle in one Elseng village and begin a church planting ministry. In preparation for that they have visited many villages to determine which village will be the most favorable for their ministry.

Weli is disappointed with their decision but is still anxious to hear God's message for the Elseng people.

Pray for the missionaries as they move into an Elseng village and begin a church planting ministry. Pray that the Elseng's hearts will be open to hearing God's Word.

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