Planning move to Elseng village

POSTED ON 2009-02-27
  by Dena McMaster

Missionaries Scott and Natasha Flaugher and their three pre-schoolers along with Jareb and Amy McClain and their five children are making plans to move to an Elseng village to begin a church-planting ministry.

After visiting several Elseng villages over a period of months and talking with Elseng village leaders and NTM leaders, they have chosen the village where they will settle.

During the decision-making process local church leaders were invited to attend the meetings. The missionaries wanted church leaders to be aware of what a cross-cultural church-plant might involve -- building houses in the village, years of culture and language study, beginning medical and literacy programs, teaching God's Word, translating the Bible and then encouraging the young believers in their walk with the Lord.

"We are delighted that the local church wants to be involved in reaching their brothers in the bush," wrote Amy McClain, "and they may also be able to help the people with the formation of schools for [the Elseng] children."

In May Jareb and Amy are planning on taking their children, including 5-month-old Caleb, to the Elseng village for a few weeks to meet the people and get a clearer picture of what things they will need for village life.

Pray for the Flaughers and McClains as they prepare to begin their ministry among the Elsengs. Pray that God will prepare the hearts of the Elseng people to hear the message He has for them.

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