Making their mission understood

POSTED ON 2009-03-19
  by Dena McMaster

Two missionary families were invited to move into an Elseng village and begin a church planting ministry.

Now Jareb and Amy McClain and Scott and Natasha Flaugher are making plans to build their homes in a remote village.

This week Scott and Jareb along with New Tribes Mission leaders will fly into their future ministry site to discuss their plans with the villagers. They want to make sure the villagers understand their purpose in living among them is primarily to bring God's Word to them.

Last week the McClains and Flaughers went into the capital city to look for house-building supplies and household goods and make arrangements to begin construction on their homes.

Natasha who is expecting their fourth child soon will stay on the island of Java to await the birth while Scott works on building their home among the Elsengs.

Weli, an Elseng leader from another village, has developed a close relationship with the missionaries and is somewhat disappointed that they will not come live in his village. Pray that the missionaries will continue their friendship with Weli and he will help them to build relationships with the villagers where they are moving.

Pray for the couples as they make necessary arrangements for moving and adjust to the culture of the Elseng people and to living in a remote village.

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