Preparing for church planting

POSTED ON 2009-03-20
  by Dena McMaster

Missionary Simon Pyatt hiked five hours to visit several local missionary students studying culture and language in a remote village.

"The student missionaries are doing a great job of studying culture and language, being accepted in the community -- the local people told me that they didn't want them to leave -- and serving these people by helping weed their rice crops," wrote Simon.

These three student families are practicing their culture and language acquisition in the remote tribe for three months. The four-year training course accepts students fromto prepare them for tribal church planting.

Following his week of evaluating the students, Simon hiked another four hours, up and down some pretty steep slopes, to a village where several young Saluan men are just beginning to hear evangelistic Bible lessons. Some believers from the Saluan church in the first village hike up the mountain weekly to teach the lessons.

The two elders of the Saluan church along with several young believers teach in other areas. The teaching will halt when they reach the book of Galatians because that is the last book translated. It is hoped that a team of missionaries will take on the major task of finishing the Bible translation so that discipleship teaching can continue.

Pray for Simon as he ministers to the missionary trainees. Pray also for the Saluan believers as they teach the message of salvation to other villages.

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