Taking the better option

POSTED ON 2009-04-01
  by Brian Johnson

It made sense to go to the doctor.

For generations, that is what the Dao people have done when they were sick. But Wikipai, a Dao Bible teacher, didn't want to.

For the Dao people, the doctor's job is to work sorcery on the person who is sick.

Their family doctor is a witchdoctor who tries to manipulate the spirits. If the spirits are treated correctly or the right sorcery spell is used, the person will be healed.

If you're sick in the jungle, it's just what you do. The witch doctor is your only option.

That's why Wikipai's decision was so exciting.

He shared about it while teaching the Dao believers about Exodus 32, the account of Moses talking to God on the mountain.

When Moses was gone, the Israelites convinced Aaron to build the golden calf.

Wikipai said to the rest of the Dao believers, "This is the same as the Dao people calling out to God in prayer and then turning right around and in hard times working sorcery instead of trusting in God."

Wikipai then shared how he had been sick. Some of the Daos wanted to work sorcery on him. But he said to them, "No, don't work sorcery on me, I have prayed to God. That is enough."

The witchdoctor is no longer the only option.

Praise God for Wikipai's decision to trust God instead of the old ways. Pray for the rest of the Dao believers, that they can learn to follow his example.

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