Building a home and relationships

POSTED ON 2009-04-07
  by Brian Johnson

On Wednesday a missionary team will take a helicopter to make their first family visit to the Elseng tribe.

Jareb McClain and Scott Flaugher have visited the Elseng people on other occasions and made arrangements to obtain house-building materials. Now their families will get to see their place of ministry.

"We are very excited for this opportunity to finally meet the people with whom we will live, and to see, touch, and smell the village we will call home," the McClains wrote.

The missionaries want to show their appreciation to the Elsengs for extending an invitation to come and live in their village. The trip will also be a time to check on the lumber that is being cut for their houses.

Later this month the men will return to begin house construction. Making their jungle homes will be a big job, but they will be helped by three friends coming from the USA.

Pray for safety on the helicopter flight and for a good visit with the Elseng people. Pray also for wisdom and energy as the big job of construction on the houses begins.

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