Former witchdoctor now a faithful evangelist

POSTED ON 2009-04-13
  by Christina Johnson

Ke'Tomas, a Semandang man used to be a powerful witchdoctor in his village.

"He resisted the first efforts of people bringing the Gospel," missionary Ron Berglund wrote. "When his uncle became a believer, Ke'Tomas asked him if he could have all of his witchcraft items. His uncle refused this request and instead urged Ke'Tomas to put his faith in the Lord for salvation."

Ke'Tomas and his friend Ke'Owen decided to study Scripture with the missionaries and came to understand their need for Jesus Christ.

"Since that time, both Ke'Tomas and Ke'Owen have served faithfully as evangelists in the surrounding villages," Ron wrote.

Ke'Tomas is very excited over the translation of Romans in his own language. He told Ron that there is so much for them, as believers, to learn from studying Romans.

Ke'Tomas has spent several weeks teaching up to chapter 7 in Romans and God is working in the hearts of those in Ke'Tomas' village as well as in neighboring villages.

His grandparents recently came to visit and share how the outreach is progressing in a nearby village. The distance between the villages used to take 13 hours of walking, but with motorcycles available now, the trip only takes three or four hours.

"After several concentrated visits over the past years to train leaders in ministry, this group of around 300 people are finally ready to ordain leaders," Ron wrote.

Two Semandang men will soon be ordained as pastors and two as deacons. The church is planning a Bible conference the end of April which will host the ordination and an Easter celebration.

Please pray for the Semandangs that Ke'Tomas is teaching and for those in neighboring villages that are also starting to hear God's Word.

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