Accident provides opportunity for ministry

POSTED ON 2009-05-11
  by Caroline Schumacher

In the Asia-Pacific region, illness is a prominent occurrence during the pancaroba season, the time between the rainy and dry seasons. Instead of passively suffering, the people use the hardships as a way to bond with their neighbors.

In the midst of illness, an additional tragedy has given missionaries Michael and Amy Hutteman the opportunity to strengthen relationships with the local community. A toddler toppled off a motorcycle and onto a busy highway, an accident that resulted in injuries so severe that she had to be transferred to a nearby city with a hospital more properly equipped to treat her brain injury. The Huttemans hope that the family will come to know "the One who can give the only true comfort."

A van full of the family's neighbors showed their support by driving two hours to and from the hospital to visit the girl. They reported that toddler "already woke up" but that she "can't remember yet." The Huttemans see this sign of the girl's recovery as an opportunity for the community to see the Great Physician at work and be drawn to Him.

The Huttemans have taken a heart-breaking event and turned it into a way to show God's love. They are using this occasion to minister to the girl's family and the surrounding community in a culturally appropriate way. By sharing in this experience, they can communicate their care and concern opening doors in the community to share God's love.

Please pray for the girl's recovery and for her family as they go through this tough time.

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