Tribal believers getting out of their comfort zone

POSTED ON 2009-05-19
  by Dena McMaster

Two tribal church leaders moved from their villages into town to begin a ministry to tribal teen-agers in need of a place to live.

The fellowship of tribal churches recognized the need for a place for young people to live while attending high school. The tribal church leaders purchased property, built a dormitory, and began a church in town.

Two of the fellowship leaders, Pak Nerup and his wife, Dinas, and Pak Misong and his wife, Esther, moved from their tribal villages into town to oversee the ministry. This was a huge step of faith for Pak Nerup and Pak Misong since living in town is much more expensive than in their home villages.

The couples faced loneliness in a new culture and a new ministry and needed to learn how to get their daily food from the produce market in town -- something they'd never done.

The two couples supervise several tribal girls attending high school and host Bible studies, youth meetings and Sunday worship services. They also provide a place for tribal families to stay when they come into town for medical needs or other business.

"Both of these men and their families are strong in their faith and they are a blessing and inspiration to know and serve with," wrote missionaries Dave and Jenny Crawford, who serve in town and attend the tribal church there.

Pray for the two couples as they minister to the students living in town and to those attending the church.

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