'He didn't know who I was'

POSTED ON 2009-05-28
  by Caroline Schumacher

Porida, a Punan man, never compromises his faith while he serves as village mayor. He uses his outspokenness and energy to show his faith in the Lord.

Porida brings his Bible with him to all the government meetings down river. They know him as the preacher in the government offices. They often call upon him to pray during their meetings.

Government officials and a local religious leader came for a visit recently. During such visits, it is customary to drink alcoholic beverages. In local culture it is believed that refusing a drink when it is offered offends the supernatural powers.

Despite this cultural pressure, Porida declined the alcoholic beverages they offered him. Because of his faith in God, Porida no longer believes that refusing would offend supernatural powers. He even declined the religious leader's offering twice despite the leader's insistence that he drink to ward off danger.

When delivering his testimony about the experience, Porida simply said, the religious leader "didn't know who I was."

Praise God that Porida has stood so strongly in his faith. Please pray that as he continues to stay strong in his faith he will lead others to God.

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