Missionaries partake in new adventure

POSTED ON 2009-06-26
  by Caroline Schumacher

Missionaries Scott and Jennie Phillips find their approach to ministering to the Dao tribe different after returning from home assignment, but the intent is the same.

The couples faced many challenges as they got used to life as missionaries. They had to adjust to the many cultural differences and the even harder challenge of learning a new language.

"Deep down inside we knew that a life dedicated to one thing, bringing the Gospel to those that had otherwise no way of hearing it, would be well worth it," Scott and Jennie wrote. "So we kept on pushing forward and by God's strength and Spirit learned new languages and didn't give up."

Now the couple is returning to the Dao after their home assignment. They are excited to partake in a new adventure as they do God's work.

"The main difference is that this time, we have a spiritual family and friends that are believers to come back to and reunite with in the Dao tribe," they wrote.

Their strategy is to disciple Dao believers so they too can bring God's Word to surrounding villages.

"This is so that other people groups on the edge of their territory will also have the opportunity to hear," Scott and Jennie wrote.

Please pray for the couple as they work with the Dao teachers to come up with strategies for reaching out to the surrounding villages. Pray for Jennie as she translates the New Testament into the Dao language.

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