Mois learning to be Bible teachers

POSTED ON 2009-12-14
  by Dena McMaster

Moi believers are excited about learning to teach.

"The eight students in the discipleship class have been very keen on growing and excited to teach the Mois themselves," wrote missionary Rich Brown. "We need to get these young men up to speed on how to handle the chronological Bible teaching lessons. It’s actually been quite an undertaking to get them from being able to barely read to handling God’s Word with authority."

Rich and his wife Karen along with missionaries Steve and Carolyn Crockett are translating, teaching the Bible and holding discipleship classes for Moi believers. Rich and Steve are teaching chapter seven of Romans.

They are also working diligently to translate the Scriptures into the Moi language. Steve is currently working on the book of Acts while Rich is preparing the book of Jonah. They are hoping that they will be ready for a translation check in March.

Two local pastors and a former co-worker, Andy, are coming to the village to discuss holding a pastor/elders conference early next year. The pastors would like Rich and Steve to lead the conference.

While the pastors are visiting the Moi people, Rich and Steve are also hoping to cast a vision for the work among the Moi people. They will introduce the foundational Bible lessons to the pastors and will discuss the discipleship classes and other concepts of tribal ministry.

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