Elder urges believers to reach out

POSTED ON 2009-12-30
  by Ian Fallis

Punan believers were challenged at this year’s three-day Christmas conference.

Believers gathered from three Punan villages to celebrate and study God’s Word. "There were so many people gathered that the church building couldn’t hold them all. They filled the porch and the yard too," wrote DJ and Jennifer Searcy.

One of the church elders has been reminding people that they are responsible to take God’s Word to other Punan villages, including those who speak different dialects of Punan, and to nearby people groups and then those farther away who have not yet heard the Gospel clearly in their own languages.

"We’ve been praying for a long time that the … church will be able to send out their own missionaries to reach the unreached villages and people groups around them, so it is very exciting to hear them talking about this need themselves," the Searcys wrote.

It will be difficult for the believers to come to the point they will be willing to financially support their own missionaries, and parents will have difficulty allowing their grown children to live away from them.

"Pray that the church will keep maturing and that their desire to send out missionaries will become reality," the Searcys wrote. "We ’foreigners’ will never be able to reach all the unreached people of Kalimantan, nor should we. The Punans and others like them are our co-workers. We’re thrilled that they are thinking about their part in the Great Commission too."

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