'God healed Bababo'

POSTED ON 2010-03-12
  by David Bell

Nobody could deny that something unusual was happening.

The Moi people had never seen anyone live after being comatose for so long. But Awayo stood before a group of unbelievers who have not yet heard the Gospel and said, "God healed Bababo."

Bababo has completed her treatment for malaria and though still bedridden she continues to slowly improve. She is going through the long process of getting her energy back.

"We do not yet know if there are any permanent effects from having such a severe malaria attack," wrote missionaries Rich and Karen Brown.

During Bababo’s illness, Kendaya showed how much the Mois are growing in the Lord as he prayed with the believers on a Sunday evening.

"Thank You Lord that some of us can gather together, though some are not able to be gathered with us. You will guide Aboi in his responsibility (in caring for his wife). We understand that and appreciate him for that. He has faith in You.

Before, we did not understand what would happen when we would die, but Aboi now understands You are watching over us. Thank you Lord. Because of that we have much compassion towards Your child because of the possibility of his wife dying. We don’t know if she will live or die. Only You are able to give life. You are the one who rose again on the third day. Lazarus was already rotting in the grave and he was raised from the dead. There is nothing You can’t do. Thank You Lord. There is none greater than You.

Everyday You are the one who gives us everything, but we did not think about You. Now we plead with You. Before, we could not speak with You because we were Your enemies. But now, because Your cherished Son paid for our sins we can converse with You. Thank You Lord Jesus. You have freed us from the hand of Satan, who once reigned over us. You alone reign. Because of that, we thank You Lord.

Now, regarding the teaching that Rich and Steve are going to teach us, by Your power give us understanding. You are able to give us understanding on that which we do not understand. What we do by our own understanding will be meaningless. But if we plead with You, You can give us wisdom. Because of that, thank You Lord.

Our friend Jeff, is living among us. Thank you for that. By Your light You have given him to us. He has left his relatives to join our family here. You have given this for us. Thank You for the many in America who are continually praying for us. They pray for us everyday and we are doing the same for them. You are the one whom none is greater. If You were not there we would be nothing. The earth and all things would be nothing. You have not only given us the earth and all things in it, but because of Your great love for us You have also given Your Son who is above all. Thank You Lord.

Regarding our discipleship class, You can give us understanding. Oh Lord enlighten us so that we can understand Your written Word. We feel we are unable to teach those around us, but You are able to give life to our families and those around us. Thank You for that Lord.

When we were about to die you sent your precious Son, Jesus. We cannot give You anything in return except for our own lives; our hands, our bodies. That’s because You completely paid for them. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ. Creator, it’s in the name of the Son whom You gave to us, Jesus, that we pray in Your presence. Amen."

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