Enthusiasm to serve

POSTED ON 2010-04-01
  by David Bell

Last week five young Moi men began training to take over the medical work for their people.

For ten years the missionaries have been the sole providers of medical care for the Moi people. Now, Carolyn Crockett and Karen Brown are training others to help take over this important part of the work. They are teaching the men basic medical techniques such as how to take temperatures and how to check lungs for fluid.

"It was a lot of fun teaching them to take temperatures with a real thermometer under the arm pit. It takes like five minutes but they love to do it," Karen wrote. "We also had case studies to practice the teaching they learned in class. Steve [Crockett] and Rich [Brown] helped with this and we had some good laughs."

Steve and Rich played the part of Mois coming to the clinic for treatment. "I’m sick -- give me malaria medicine now!" one of them would request.

The two men would try to tell the symptoms for the other person even though they had no idea what was wrong.

"The young students were pretty good at giving it right back and putting Steve and Rich in their place," Karen wrote. "It was great. It was also neat to see their enthusiasm and willingness to serve in this way."

The trainees finished the course and will now serve an internship, practicing what they learned while the missionary team oversees their work.

Please pray that the five trainees will be faithful to serve their fellow Mois and not grow weary of the work.

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