'Nothing can stop God'

POSTED ON 2010-09-01
  by David Bell

Last week the Wano people heard stories about Abraham and the birth of Moses as they move closer to lessons about Jesus and the Gospel presentation.

"It has been fun teaching the people numerous examples of how what God says always happens," wrote missionary Tim Ingles, "and that nothing can stop God from doing what He has planned.

"From the miraculous birth of Isaac … to God using Joseph’s brothers selling him into slavery to save his family from starvation, the people have been able to see how great God really is."

After hearing the story of Abraham offering his son Isaac, one woman had tears in her eyes as she told missionary Libby Wild, "This talk is really important."

The woman was new to the teaching, having come from another village almost two hours away to get medicine for her sick son. She went home to her village on Friday, but returned on Sunday to continue hearing the teaching. She even brought a friend back with her to hear this "important talk."

Pray that she will be able to continue to hear the rest of the teaching and that Tim and his co-worker, Mike Wild, will be able to clearly communicate the Gospel to the Wanos.

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