'Our insides are eating us!'

POSTED ON 2010-09-30
  by Ian Fallis

Jesus is the topic of lessons the Wano people began hearing this week.

Missionaries Tim Ingles and Mike Wild began sharing evangelistic Bible lessons weeks ago. Last week, they started teaching from the New Testament, and this week they started teaching on Jesus’ ministry. People are asking the right kinds of questions as they hear.

"We know we must believe on the Coming Redeemer, but what must we believe about him?" Lekiman asked. "Our insides are eating us!"

"Since the time I was born, I have been in Satan’s hand, and I am his child," Igarowe said. "Is there any way that I can join with Yahweh God? I am scared."

Mike and Tim expect to complete the lessons in less than three weeks.

"We ask you to continue to pray that the people here will understand clearly how they can join up with God and spend eternity with Him," wrote Tim and his wife, Rebecca.

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