Children getting a building

POSTED ON 2010-10-05
  by Dena McMaster

Three missionary ladies have prepared materials for a children’s program among the Sekadau people.

Bella Gervasi, her daughter Cori, and Naomi Christenson prepared the books, awards and banners for the program. They even have T-shirts for the kids and the adult leaders.

The ladies designed the books using evangelistic Bible lessons that take the kids from Creation to Christ. There is a book for each grade level from first to sixth. Also included are questions, puzzles, pictures to color, mazes, etc. Each book also has a section called "Work for Your Hands" that covers some national history, local facts and practical stuff for the kids to do.

The children’s program will introduce Sekadau children to the Gospel. But what they don’t have is a building to hold the program in.

Paul Gervasi, Bella’s husband, began searching for carpenters but none were available. So the missionary team asked others to pray for someone to step forward and build a meeting place for them. God answered prayer when some of the men of the Sekadau church agreed to build a meeting place for the children’s program. The men didn’t want to take on the task, but their desire to see a children’s program overcame their reluctance.

“Please pray that we can get the remaining wood we need, and that the building will go up quickly,” wrote Paul.

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