Moi church increases greatly

POSTED ON 2010-10-13
  by David Bell

The Moi church has increased greatly after missionaries heard testimonies from more than 80 Mois who declared their faith in Christ when the Gospel was presented the end of September.

The total number of believers now consists of more than half of the adult and teenage population within a days hike from the village that first heard God’s Word.

For seven weeks, people came from more than 20 hamlets, leaving their homes and gardens so they could hear eight Moi Bible teachers and missionary Rich Brown present the Creator’s Talk.

One week after hearing the message of salvation, the people gathered for a feast and celebrated their new life in Christ by singing and dancing.

Apabo, who had adamantly opposed the Gospel, now praises the Creator with tear-filled eyes.

Please pray that God’s Word will continue to build up these new believers and reach out even farther to bring others to the Savior.

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