Out of the darkness

POSTED ON 2010-10-25
  by David Bell

More than 100 Wano people heard the Gospel last week and several have put their faith in Christ.

After hearing about the death, burial and resurrection of Christ the people sat soberly for a long time as the missionary team began one-on-one conversations with them to see what they understood.

The missionaries could see "the lights come on" for many as they joyfully expressed through tears that they were trusting in Jesus for their salvation.

"We are taking time to talk to each person individually to hear their testimony, ask questions, and if necessary clear up areas of confusion," wrote Tim and Rebecca Ingles. "Many have solidly put their faith in Jesus; others are struggling in their belief, while still others are confused about key points.

"Many of our closest of friends here have been faithfully attending the teaching over the last three months. It has been hard seeing them struggle with the fact that we are sinners separated from God. Now we are rejoicing as we share tears of joy and laughter with them over their belief in our Redeemer."

One of the Ingles good friends, Monggagumi said, "My insides were dark for so long and now it is like there is a bright light inside of me."

"Light has entered the darkness here in Wano, praise the Lord with us!" the Ingles wrote. "Please pray for us over the next few days and weeks as we continue to talk with people, that we would encourage and speak to each individual in a way that is glorifying to God."

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