Daos spread God's Word

POSTED ON 2011-02-10
  by David Bell

Five Dao men are teaching in five villages and small literacy classes are taking place in some of these villages.

This was the news that greeted Scott and Jennie Phillips upon their return from home assignment to their ministry among the Daos.

"People that we have taught are teaching other people even up to two days hike away in a different dialect," Scott Phillips wrote. "God’s Word continues to spread out and God is doing His work in His own way and in His timing in the Dao culture and people group."

On Sunday, Paatoma and a young man he is training as a Bible teacher, Payomenaa, combined to give a solid message from John 3. To illustrate one point Paatoma took a black colored pen and placed it on the ground in front of him.

"We are like this dark colored pen, our hearts darkened from all our wrongdoings," he said.

Then he took a piece of white paper and placed it over the black pen so that it could no longer be seen.

"Jesus is like this completely clean and spotless piece of paper placed over the pen so that we can’t see it anymore. Because Jesus has covered our wrongdoings through his sacrifice on the cross, now God sees us as clean and spotless in His sight because of what Jesus has done."

Scott and Jennie are settling back into life among the Daos along with their son, Moses, who was born while the Phillips were on home assignment in the USA.

"When we are here things just feel right. Like we are finally back in the correct part of the gigantic puzzle of what God is doing. Like we are where we are meant to be, where we need to be," Scott wrote.

"These same jungles that used to be one of our greatest fears to enter into because of the … weapon-carrying people that resided in them, have now become one of our greatest joys to return to because of the work that God is doing in these same people that we once feared. Do they still carry their weapons and look like they just stepped out of the Stone Age? Yes. But the words that come out of many of their mouths give testimony that they are completely different than that of what they were in the past."

"Jennie and I are getting back into full-time Bible translation and Bible lesson development here in the village so that we continue to do our part to feed the flame and get new scripture portions and teaching material into the hands of the Dao believers and teachers.

"Please pray for us as we continue the transition back into full-time Bible translation, lesson development and teaching. Pray that God will keep our family healthy so that we can continue on doing the work that He has for us to do here. Pray also for the Dao believers and teachers as they teach in the other villages and also in the village where we live and continue on with the outreaches they have started."

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