Don’t make the rice leave

POSTED ON 2011-03-22
  by Christina Conrad

One ceremony unperformed could wreak havoc on an entire family.

The Sekadau people believe it is necessary to ask the spirits of the rice paddies to leave the field and dwell in the storage house.

If no ceremony is performed for the spirits, the rice will leave and the people will go hungry. The offenders also believe their families will be in danger from the angered spirits, bringing sickness or even death – the offended spirits could eat them, they fear.

Many Sekadaus remain unreached by the Gospel and hold fast to their animistic beliefs. Their dependence on the spirit world dictates their thoughts and daily actions.

“The unbelievers live their lives trying to please the unforgiving spirits that they believe inhabit the earth,” missionary Naomi Christenson wrote.“Fear, rules and rituals fill the lives of these unbelievers who still haven't heard of the freedom and forgiveness Christ offers.”

Please pray for the Sekadau people who have yet to hear the Gospel.  Also, pray with Naomi that the church in her village will find the courage to share the hope they’ve found in Christ with their neighbors.

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