‘Just a pig on a stick’

POSTED ON 2011-04-14
  by David Bell

Missionary Scott Phillips looked slowly around the room last week after he read Mark 3:27, “No one can enter a strong man’s house and plunder his goods, unless he first binds the strong man. And then he will plunder his house.”

Scott asked his Dao listeners, “What do you think Jesus meant by these words, and why do you think Jesus would refer to such a scenario just after he had been accused by the Pharisees of being demon-possessed?”

After moments of silence, Uubeo, a young man from a village a few days hike away, spoke.

“Sometimes one of our pigs gets loose. It runs around the village and gardens eating our good garden foods and rooting up the ground until all that is left is mud and a ruined garden.

“If we don’t catch that pig and tie a rope to its foot and then tie the other end of that rope to a tree or post, it will just keep on going around and ruining everything as if it’s theirs to ruin. That is what the devil and his demons are like. They just go around ruining things and causing trouble.

“Jesus is God's Son though. He is so strong that He is like the strong man that can bind up that bad old ‘pig-like one’ we call Satan. That is why those evil spirits always get scared in these stories when they see Jesus coming. Jesus is stronger than all and they know it! Where He tells them to stay, they stay! When He tells them to go, they go! Satan and his demons are nothing more than a pig on a stick!”

Scott and the Daos laughed with joy at Uubeo’s illustration.

“Uubeo sure did hit the nail on the head with that one,” Scott thought to himself.

Pray that Uubeo and the others who hear God’s Word daily will continue to grow in their faith. 

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