Wanos following ‘straight talk’ baptized

POSTED ON 2011-04-18
  by David Bell

Several Wano believers were recently baptized in a cold mountain stream.

One of those baptized, Nggame, used to stand before the Wanos as a pastor.

He told his fellow Wanos, “Before, I was telling you guys a talk that wasn’t true. I was trusting in doing a whole bunch of rules and didn’t understand that it was only by what Jesus did that we could be saved. I was telling you guys the crooked talk [God’s Word mixed heavily with men’s additions].

“I now understand that I can only join up with God because of what Jesus did. I was baptized before but I didn’t understand that it was only by what Jesus did that we could be saved. I am now being baptized again in order to show you all that I truly believe this straight talk to be true.”

Nendimira, a woman from a nearby hamlet, said, “I was baptized before but it wasn’t anything. I was confused and didn’t know God’s straight talk. I was Satan’s child when I was baptized before but now I have heard God’s straight talk and am trusting in Christ’s death alone as the payment for my sin debt. Because of that I am now God’s child and going to be baptized.”

Mumun, a man known for having spiritual powers, said, “I didn’t understand God’s straight talk and I had been doing Satan’s work. I said I believed God’s Talk, but it wasn’t the true and straight talk and I continued doing all sorts of things by Satan’s strength. I have now heard and understood the straight talk and don’t want to do things by Satan’s strength anymore. I am trusting in only what Jesus did to save me.”

Pray that those who were baptized will continue to grow in their faith and carry God’s message of salvation to other Wanos. 

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