‘God can do what He sees fit’

POSTED ON 2011-05-31
  by David Bell

Payomenaa, one of four Dao men training to be Bible teachers, cleared his throat and began reading in a good strong voice about the births of Cain and Abel.

As he finished, Wadamena, a mother of five spoke up with laughter in her voice, saying, “That was a true talk Eve said when she spoke out that it was ‘with the Lord’s help’ that she had given birth, wasn’t it? That is something that we women could never do alone. It is God that gives life and causes our children to be born and live, isn’t it!” 

Mothers and fathers in the room chimed in with laughter saying, “That’s true. That’s true!”

As the lesson progressed however, the story turned from one of lightheartedness and joy to a tale of darkness and deceit as the account of Cain murdering Abel was told.

Then Tokaabo stood to read about God giving Adam and Eve another child.

As Tokaabo finished reading the Scripture, missionary Scott Phillips looked around the room and said, “Isn’t it interesting that instead of blaming God for the death of Abel and harboring bitterness in her heart, Eve continued to praise God and give Him credit. She even said that it was God Himself that had given her this gift of another child to replace the one that had been murdered.”

Silence engulfed those who were attentively listening to the lesson. By the looks on their faces it seemed as if the words of Eve were striking a special chord with them.

Then it hit Scott as he looked at the men and women in the room.

“There wasn’t a single woman in that room over the age of 18 or so that hadn’t lost a child to either sickness or murder.”

Later in the week, as Scott and Jennie shared a meal with Daapoi and Otopina, the Dao mother began talking about Eve and the loss of her son, Abel.

“You know, to this very day my heart still hurts when I think of the loss of my daughter Ikimiya, but my daughter didn’t belong to me now did she? She was just as much God’s creation as I am and He can do with His belongings what He sees fit. I will continue to praise Him simply because of who He is. He is the great Creator. He has done many good things for us. There is no one greater than Him.”

Pray that the new series of evangelistic Bible lessons will strengthen the faith of the believers and bring more to Christ. Pray too for an outreach in another dialect where only two weeks of teaching remain.

“Lord willing a new group of believers will soon be born there in that new area,” Scott wrote. 

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