Missionaries make grueling trip

POSTED ON 2009-01-29
  by Brian Johnson

Monday was a long day hiking the jungles and riding the rivers for missionaries Scott Flaugher and Jareb McClain.

As Scott and Jareb made their way down the fourth river of the day, the sun slowly disappeared. They pulled out their satellite phone to let Natasha, Scott's wife, know how the trip was going.

After getting off the river, they still had a two-hour night hike before they could rest.

So far, the trip is going well. Scott and Jareb are hiking through the heart of Elseng territory. They are learning more about the Elseng people to help them decide where to begin a ministry among the people. The men have made several visits to the Elseng tribe, and this, they hope, is their last.

After finishing their boat ride and night hike, the men still have three more days of hard hiking. Then they will visit several Elseng families who live spread out through the jungle.

After hiking their way from house to house, Scott and Jareb have to retrace their steps all the way home. That means another multi-day hike, another all-day boat ride, and then a combination of walking, wading, motorcycle riding, and a taxi. That will get them to a mission airstrip, and finally a missionary airplane will fly them home. That is expected to take place Feb. 3.

Pray for safety, strength and health for Scott and Jareb as they travel.

Pray also for wisdom as the information they gather is used to decide where to begin church planting among the Elseng people.

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