Expert’s visit profitable

POSTED ON 2011-06-24
  by Dena McMaster

Missionaries Dave and Melissa Williamson took advantage of a unique opportunity that presented itself while taking care of business in a small local town.

 “Talking to some Wycliffe Bible translators, we found out that a linguistics [specialist] whose articles have been a big help to us in analyzing the tribal language, was scheduled to come to the Asia-Pacific region in just a few days,” wrote Melissa. “After we heard this, we were able to directly email him, Dr. de Vries, a linguistics professor and professor of Bible translation at the University of Amsterdam, and he replied that he would be very interested and happy to meet with us.”

Dr. de Vries had requested a room at the guest home in town which was where Dave and Melissa were staying.

“[We] were totally amazed at his knowledge and vast understanding of the way Papuan languages work,” Melissa wrote. “Even more so, we couldn't believe that he was able to help us specifically with some of the aspects of the Nagi language that we've been scratching our heads about for a long time. Actually, his area of expertise is the very area that we have been having the most trouble with.  He answered so many of our questions and was a great help to us.”

When the Williamsons return to the village they will use this information to help prepare for culture and language evaluations in August.

Praise God for sending just the right person, at just the right time, to help Dave and Melissa with their language study. Pray that they will be diligent in their studies and will be prepared for the upcoming evaluations

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