Breakdowns add to burden

POSTED ON 2008-11-11
  by Dena McMaster

Missionaries Liv Poulsen and Rebecca Stottlemyer are studying culture and language in a Badyaranke village in Senegal.

As they study the culture and language of the people, they are building relationships among the people.

"Rebecca and I have now been in the village four months without our co-workers Eric and Wendy Stottlemyer and we have two months to go," Liv wrote. "Meeting the different needs of 800 people is somewhat overwhelming."

During the absence of their coworkers, the ladies have had a series of difficulties. During rainy season their homes were hit by lightning and some of their lighting system was destroyed along with their solar freezers. Then the pump that supplies water to the entire village broke down.

Missionaries Benjamin and Jody Baum traveled from Guinea to the village to help the ladies. Benjamin repaired the pump and was able to repair the electrical damage from the lightning also.

After the Baums left, missionaries Harry and Reidun Groot,who serve in the guest home in the capital city, visited Liv and Rebecca to encourage them. Harry also performed needed maintenance and repairs in the village.

Pray for Rebecca and Liv as they learn language and build relationships with the goal of sharing the Gospel with the Badyaranke people. Praise God with them for the generous help of their fellow missionaries in their time of need.

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