Balantas hear about Christ's birth

POSTED ON 2008-12-29
  by Dena McMaster

Those listening to the weekly hour-long radio program in the Balanta language in Senegal received a surprise last week.

Jibi, the Balanta man who hosts the program, asked missionary Dave McKee to come on the program and give an update on the literacy program among the Balantas. Dave told him that since the day when the world celebrates the birth of Jesus was the next week, he wanted to read a passage from the Scripture translated into Balanta concerning the birth of Christ.

Jibi agreed and last Saturday Dave read portions from the first and second chapter of Luke to a large audience of Balantas. He then pointed out four prophecies spoken over 400 years earlier that were fulfilled in those passages.

Jibi then asked Dave how the Balantas were receiving God's Word. Dave answered that most Balantas are more concerned with the message passed down by their ancestors concerning ancestral spirit worship.

The Lord opened a door for Dave to clearly present what the angel meant when he said, "Inumtibaa ginumle giboonje" -- "I bring you Good News."

Please pray that the Balanta listeners who heard a clear presentation of the Good News will consider God's Word and ponder it in their hearts. Pray that many will be encouraged to read the translated Scriptures and will trust in Jesus as their Savior.

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