Visit reaffirms need

POSTED ON 2009-04-15
  by Christina Johnson

Foundational Bible teaching has not reached some Jalungas in Mali.

Missionary Penny Warner traveled to Mali to see what their concept was of biblical principles.

"There was a very poor understanding of the Gospel and baptism, even wrong understanding," Penny wrote. "There is a serious need for foundational teaching of the Truth in a way that speaks to the needs of these people."

For Penny, the trip reaffirmed that the way to reach people groups who have not yet been reached is to live among them and learn their culture and language.

"The very positive thing about the trip was seeing Jalungas who are eager to hear and learn more of God's Word," Penny wrote. "In one village, the host spoke up and said they would not mature as believers without steady teaching."

Please pray for wisdom and clarification on how the Jalungas can be helped.

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