Fire gets out of hand

POSTED ON 2009-06-01
  by Caroline Schumacher

Large fires erupted in a Budik village in Senegal last week, sending 20 houses up in flames.

While clearing their fields by burning brush and tree limbs, panic ensued for the Budik people as a gust of wind caught the sparks and carried them into their village.

The grass roofs on all of the burning houses were destroyed along with clothing, cooking utensils, food and more. The entire village came out to help, yelling and shouting as they ran with buckets of water from house to house, dousing the flames and attempting to save what they could.

"The destruction was great, but could have been worse," missionary Kathy Satorius wrote, "No one at all was hurt."

The Budik people held a village meeting the next day. It was agreed that the surrounding villages would help them rebuild so they could all return to do the much-needed work in their fields to plant for their crop. Bamboo and grass for the roofs is difficult to find this time of year, making their workload heavier.

All of the houses can be repaired, but some Budiks lost everything.

Please pray for strength for all the Budik people as they struggle with these new challenges during an already busy time. Please pray that the Budik believers who were also victims of the fires would be an example to those who have not heard God's Word.

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