10 Badyarankes learn to read

POSTED ON 2009-07-02
  by Dena McMaster

As missionaries Liv Poulsen and Rebecca Stottlemyer study the culture and language of the Badyaranke people in Senegal, they are hopeful that one day their friends will have the opportunity to hear the Gospel message and trust Christ as their Savior

Four Badyaranke men taught a literacy class and when the course was finished the entire village held a celebration to honor the ten students who were able to complete all four primers.

"Pray that the village will continue to keep excited and enthused to learn to read and write their language," wrote Rebecca.

Several Badyarankes have already shown interest in taking the course next year. Pray that learning to read and write in their language will help them to better understand evangelistic Bible lessons.

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