Late rains test believers

POSTED ON 2009-07-27
  by Christina Johnson

The rains started later than usual this year for the Budik tribe in Senegal.

With their main food supply of millet and peanuts, the Budiks depend on the rain for their crops to grow.

And with the delay in rain, many Budiks were serious about the rituals and practices to make sure there would be a good wet season and an abundant harvest.

Although some of the Budiks are believers, trying not to rely on past beliefs is a struggle. The toil of tending to their crops also distracts from tending to God’s Word.

For Budik believers that can read, they have Ephesians printed into small booklets and missionary Ken Satorius hopes that the booklets will help keep the Budiks connected to the Word.

"Pray they would make this a part of each day and that God’s Word would then fill their minds during their long hours alone hoeing and planting in their fields," Ken wrote.

Also pray that the believers will see the planting season as an opportunity to rely on God’s provision, rather than on the rituals they used to follow.

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