Thankful for the gift of language helpers

POSTED ON 2009-11-13
  by Dena McMaster

Missionary Susan Logsdon takes advantage of every opportunity to translate God’s Word into the Balanta language.

Recently a badly infected toe required a trip to see a doctor in the capital city of Senegal. The Balantas in the village where she lived did not have time to help her check Romans 5-11 so Susan found several Balantas in Dakar who were able to help her check the translation.

She’s working on that section of Romans while staying at the guest home and hopes to check with her Balanta friends when she returns home after the harvest. The people will have more time then and will be able to give serious attention to the important message in Romans chapters 5-11.

Susan delights in the ways that God grants opportunities to work on the Balanta Scriptures. She compares His gift of language helpers to walking carefully down a muddy slippery road on a gray day and turning the corner to find that God has splashed a double rainbow across the sky -- just for her pleasure.

Pray for Susan as she continues to translate God’s Word into the Balanta language. Pray also that God will prepare hearts to understand and accept the Gospel message.

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